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It flew to San Diego

October 28, 2010

I cried at lunch today. I’ve been missing the East Coast lately. I miss friends. Not that I don’t have friends here, I do. Great friends. But I miss those friends back home, who know you and get excited about the same things you do. The friends who know the magic of fall and how fun it is to cheer on your Alma Mater on a Saturday. The friends who you can call for the biggest something or the smallest nothing. Don’t get me wrong, I can still call them, but it’s three hours later and the weather’s just not the same. Okay, so I miss friends AND right now, I miss fall and just other people who watch football on Saturday and not on Sunday. AUBURN is 8-0. That is something to get excited about! Yet, not one person I come in contact with on a daily basis gets excited about that. I miss fall leaves and decorations and the brisk air. And I miss my mom.

So that’s NOT why I cried at lunch today. I was talking to my mom and she tells me she had an Autumn flag hanging outside the house. It blew away last night. My niece, Ansley, told her that maybe it blew to San Diego. And maybe it came here to make me happy. And so, I cried at lunch today.

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